Methods for Overcoming the Fear of Flying

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If you are one of those who has a fear of flying or aviophobia as it's stated in clinical terms, you may not be aware that you are not alone in having this phobia. People go through a number of symptoms from a full-sized panic attack to milder forms of nervous agitation when faced with the prospect of getting on a flight.

If you've had aviophobia, it's crucial to know that you can get over this trouble. It is not necessarily an easy cure, but the good news is that it doesn't need to be a permanent struggle and you can teach yourselves to relax. You may well be ready to take a plane ride to your next family trip.

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Where Do We Start?

As much as a little less than half of the people that fly regularly experience aviophobia according to statistics. This proves that this isn't a unique case or phobia at all. The symptoms, which tend to be most acute and clear on the day of the flight, normally begin a few days earlier as feelings of discomfort and distress.

While sometimes the concern is the direct result of a prior bad experience while flying, sometimes it's just the result of having read articles about the increased number of air disasters at any given time.

Facing Your Fear

It is important for you to really understand the deep seeded reason for your fear of flying. Fairly often patients with aviophobia visit the doctors and ask for medication such as valium to deal with the anxiety of being in the air. However, this method of simply coping with the symptom will never cure the issue and may well lead to progressive worsening.

Therapy is a good method of working your way through to the source of the problem. Therapists can also help to deal with the symptoms briefly by working with you on meditation and alternative relaxation exercises.

There are airlines that are willing to assist those dealing with fear of flying to facilitate this type of therapy sessions. It helps people to sit in a confined space and they can become familiar with the sights and sounds of neighboring airplanes all the while knowing that they can get up and walk away from it if necessary.

Moreover, even though the aircraft is still, the sights and sounds of the other air crafts and the action around them will help you get a good feel of flight day.

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Methods for Overcoming the Fear of Flying

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