Who invented the Airplane?

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The airplane is perhaps the most advanced commercial application of technological innovation achieved by man. It allows people to travel long distances that would take weeks and even months before it was invented (Foulois and Glines 32). Distance that people used to be scared of travelling is now covered in hours in comfort and relaxation. However, the modern airplane that we now turn to went through a very long journey of development before it came into the form in which we see it today. And we owe it all to the inventors of the airplane.

The airplane was invented by brothers Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright in 1903. The brothers are also often referred to as the Wright Brothers (Niz 29). The American brothers were in the bicycle business and were fully aware of the mechanics that a mechanical contraption should include. They experimented a lot and they perfected things like axis control and propeller design.

The brothers were not concerned with engine development but were the pioneers of the aircraft development world since they brought a dream to life (Wegener 45). Because of their efforts, the aircraft was recognized to be more than a dream and flying was considered to be a possibility for the first time in human history. The two brothers were obsessed with the idea of having a man fly in the air like birds. They were expert engineers with extensive experience in bicycle manufacturing but would continuously consider ways and methods to put their engineering expertise to use so that they could invent a flying machine. Through years of experimentation and analysis of unmanned flying contraptions, the Wright brother slowly and steadily began to understand the mechanics of flight. They experimented with unmanned flying contraptions as well as manned flying contraptions in which they would fly the aircraft themselves.

Their initial flying machines were nothing more than simple gliders. They kept working on their gliders until they perfected the challenges they faced. They gave a great degree of importance to pilot safety and also chose to work had to figure out ways to ensure that the pilot would land safely.

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Who invented the Airplane?

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This article was published on 2011/10/01